Tung Nam – One Of The Best Chinese Restaurants In Calcutta

Kolkata, the city from where Indian Chinese originated, offers different types of Chinese eateries today, as far as food is concerned. From places advertising themselves as authentic Chinese eateries to the highly Indianized Chinese, and a lot of layers in between them. Tung Nam falls into the category of old house Indian Chinese. When the Chinese people opened eateries it was mostly what they ate at home, modified for our consumption. Simple, tasty and filling.

Tung Nam have opened an outlet in South Kolkata, but we always prefer the old original one in Tiretta Bazaar, the old China Town (The one in South is expensive by about 70 to 100 bucks per dish). If you are standing facing the Rana Pratap statue in front of Central Metro Station exit in Central Avenue, take the road on your left. After walking for three to four minutes you will find Tung Nam on your left. Before reaching Tung Nam, on your left, you will also find the new outlet of Pou Chong Brothers. We strongly suggest this place for excellent Chinese sauces and other products. All their products are sold here at minimum retail prices.

The place went through a makeover recently, but still is a simple eatery which offers good food at reasonable rates. Do not come here looking for a great ambiance. Some here only for food and you will not be disappointed. Service is friendly. This is an extremely popular place and gets filled up on holidays or during Chinese festivals. On those days food arrives really slow on your table. But on a normal day service is good. The place does not have AC, but they do provide chilled water for free.

Coming to food, some dishes have become iconic here. Like the Pork Wonton soup or the Steamed Pork Wontons (Yaam Wonton). Simple Chicken broth and flavourful minced pork wrapped in wonton wraps which are not too thick and stick in your mouth. If you have it once you will definitely come back for it. If its summer we recommend the steamed pork wontons and the pork wonton soup a must during the winters.

During winters if you want a dish which will be a complete meal by itself, try their Pork Noodle Soup. Flavourful and filling. And, during winters, what can be a better comfort food than a bowl of soup and noodles.

For mains our favourites here are the Mixed Steamed Rice, Mixed Yam Mein and the Mixed Noodles (gravy). When a plate of plain steamed rice is served topped with veggies, pork, chicken and prawn gravy (much like what is served with gravy noodles, but a bit lighter), for us, it is pure delight. Our absolute comfort food here.

Mixed Yam Mein is noodles with veggies, pork, chicken and prawn tossed together (not fried like Chow Mein). It tastes better than Chow Mein, and is also healthier. If nothing else try it for a change. We are sure you would love it. Pair it with Prawn in Hamei Sauce, a spicy gravy with prawn balls. It is so good that most of the time we are here we end up ordering it.

The other side which is our favourite here is the Dry Chilli Pork. From the quality of the pork to the cooking and seasoning. We just love it here. They also sell Prawn Crackers and Lap Cheong (Chinese Sausages).

If you want to get the taste of real Indian Chinese visit this place and not the overrated Tangra restaurants, most of which have customized their dish to be served as a “Chakhna” (something which goes well with drinks). No matter where in Calcutta you live, this place is absolutely worth travelling for.

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