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Among the restaurants which serve delicious Indian Chinese at pocket friendly rates, Pou Hing is one of the best. We have been eating here for a long time now and it is one of our favourite places for comfort food.

Located on the lane behind Poddar Court, in the busy business district of Calcutta, this place is a favourite among the office goers who work nearby. The dining hall is a simple, vanilla one with clean tables and normal, comfortable chairs. The menu is a long one and provides a lot of variety, though one thing we miss here is pork. They don’t serve pork.

Service here is fast and they are very accommodating. We, on several occasions, asked them to customize some dishes, and they were perfectly ok with it most of the times. Food comes fast to table and if any dish takes time, they inform while ordering.

Most of the times we begin with Chicken Wonton Soup or Chicken Lemon Coriander Soup. The simple but delicious Wonton Soup here comes in a huge, Huge (really huge) bowl and during winters is an absolute must. The minced chicken within the wontons taste great too.

The Chicken Lemon Coriander Soup is a very refreshing one. The hint of lemon and the taste of coriander is a killer combination. Whenever I order it I ask them to add shrimps too and make that mixed Lemon Coriander Soup.

Among starters the drinking wings is our current favourite. The spicy Chicken wings preparation is a must try if you are here. We are sure you would love it, if you like wings.

The mixed steamed rice or the mixed chowmein gravy are the dishes we order most of the times. While the mixed steamed rice (steamed rice topped with veggies, chicken and prawn gravy) is our comfort food, sometimes for change we order the mixed chowmein gravy. Both tastes great and the quantity is huge.

Though the Chicken and Fish sides are great here too, most of the times we end up ordering a prawn dish. Earlier they used to serve medium sized prawn, but for the past years have changed to prawn balls, due to unavailability of equal sized prawns all the time. But the prawn balls here are not thickly battered with almost no prawn served in most eateries. The balls are full of prawn and you would almost stop missing the whole prawn pieces.

The place is closed on Sundays, which shows they primarily depend on office crowd, but is disappointing for us, who love to spend time with family during weekends. So, if you are craving good old Indian Chinese and have time during the week or on a Saturday, do give this place a visit. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

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