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There are restaurants which serve good food. Some are pocket friendly. And then there are some which serve tasty pocket friendly dishes along with reasonably priced booze teamed with nostalgia. Olypub in Park Street falls under the last category. I have lost count how many times I have visited this place. At one time every Saturday evening Olypub used to be our go to place. So it is really hard for people like us to review the place. So, keeping the nostalgia away, let us see what the place is like.


Right in the middle of the hustle bustle of Park Street, it is on your left a minute before the Mirza Ghalib Street crossing, if you have entered from the Chowringhee side.


The place have gone through a makeover in the past couple of years, but frankly speaking you won’t come here for a great or cool decor. It is comfortable and basic. The ground floor used to be a men only place. It is open to all now, but I would recommend the 1st floor for few reasons. One, the sofas are better. Two, if you get a seat on the left side of the ground floor hall facing the bar counter, most likely you will be accompanied by strong odors coming from the restroom. Actually the second reason forced me to go upstairs on my recent visits. Or else I always love the high ceiling ground floor hall. Also beware of the rats. The place is famous for them too.


If you are a regular here you will get the best service. Otherwise expect basic stuff. Expect beers to be served in normal glasses and water in whiskey bottles. Things run bit slow here. So there might even be a good interval between you taking your seat and someone coming to take orders. Just enjoy with your group and don’t forget to double check the bill at the end. We were given inflated bills quite a few times. Just don’t panic. Point out the mistakes and they will correct it instantly. The best thing here is they pour your drinks in front of you out of the bottles. And if you are lucky you will see them going liberal and the drink overflowing from the peg measure.

Food ‘n’ Drink

For me this place is a great example of a good gastro-pub. I have always loved their food. From Chicken a la Olypub to the Chilli Chicken, food here is tasty and perfect to go with the drinks. Have never tried typical lunch or dinner items, like naan or mutter paneer here, but the sides are great.

Chicken A La Olypub

Chicken A La Olypub with the complimentary bowl of dalmut on top right and He-Man 9000 beer bottle on top left corners.

To start with my favourite dish here is the Chicken a la Olypub. Two pieces of Chicken patty topped with creamy mashed potatoes along with peas and two halves of crunchy toast. I love it more than the Chateau Briand, popularly known as the Beef Steak. The steak needs more effort to be cut into pieces and I hate that while drinking. It takes away all the attention.

Fish Fingers

Fish Fingers

The fish fingers here are pretty decent too. Pair it with their Kasundi (Ask for it. They don’t keep a bottle in every table). Don’t take too much of this Bengali mustard sauce at once. It is a perfect reply for a good Japanese wasabi.

Chilli Chicken

Chilli Chicken with the bottle of Kasundi

Chilli Chicken here will remind you of those dark brownish delicious road side boneless chicken pieces, and not the Chinese restaurant stuff. Personally I love these and would prefer them over the Chilli Chicken served any exotic way.

Baked Fish

Baked Fish

Baked fish is decent too. But I am not sure how much the boiled veggies, served with it, will go with any booze. I personally dip them in the mustard sauce before taking a bite.

Chicken Liver Masala

Chicken Liver Masala

The dish, with which I am a bit disappointed, is the Chicken Liver Masala. Tastewise I have nothing to complain (ask them to make it semi gravy rather than dry), but the amount of liver here is really less. It almost looks like a peas dish. The masala peas taste great though.

The famous Kasundi

The famous Kasundi (Bengali mustard sauce)

Coming to drinks their stock of beer is not great. But try the He Man 9000 once you are here. Much better than Kingfisher. As far as Whiskey, Rum and Vodka are concerned have found the popular brands are available most of the times. The complimentary unlimited dalmut served with drinks generally disappears faster than expected. Even after the foods are served.


Ambiance – 0.75 / 2
Service – 0.5 / 2
Cleanliness / Hygiene – 1 / 2
Plating – 0.25 / 1
Food – 2.7 / 4
Value for money – 1.5 / 2
Menu variety – 1.25 / 2

Overall 2.65 / 5

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